3 Weeks Post Op

Today marks 3 weeks from surgery and I’ve come a long way, even from last week.  I am down to almost no pain, save for occasional discomfort when I put too much weight on my left foot.  I am “walking” on crutches, which means that I am mimicking a true step, while letting the crutches bear most of the weight.  When I’m home, I am plodding around without crutches at all.  I look a little less like a pirate than I did last Friday, but am still very stiff legged.  My calf is much less tight, but I still can’t push off my toe, so I’m forced to step from my heel.  That said, I am much more comfortable in shoes than in bare feet, a first for me. My ankle is still swollen, but much better than it was.  Thanks to the snowstorm, I was forced to explore which close-toed shoes would fit my fat foot and was happy to discover that my work clogs would go on. 

And now for some pictures…(Medial and Lateral Incisions respectively)

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