A marathon is how long?

Whether it’s the blood thinner or the cumulative effect of a few weeks of zero physical activity (seriously, how do people choose to be couch potatoes?), I am feeling seriously out of shape.  Hauling myself around by my arms takes a lot of effort, but it’s not exactly tantamount to a jog, or even a brisk walk. I bought a gentle yoga DVD today, but only got as far as the deep breathing. Turns out, despite being able to stand, balancing and stretching are advanced standing skills.  I did manage to do 10 minutes on the stationary bike without discomfort. My left foot still hangs there, close to lifeless, but is happy to rotate while the right leg pushes.

I typically get annoyed at people who lack respect for the effort demanded by the marathon.  Whether you are a 5 hour or a 3 hour marathoner, it will take everything you have and then some. That frustration is growing daily, both as we approach the Vermont City Marathon here in Burlington and as I get farther from running shape.  From friends who have maxed out at 4 mile runs and consider themselves “ready enough” to the girls I overheard on campus this week, plotting how to cheat at the relay (don’t get me started), it seems like everyone wants the easy way to the end of 26.2.  The truth is, there’s no easy way to get there.  26 miles is a damn long run.  The .2 is just plain mean.

Right now, a fall marathon seems thousands of miles away.  A few pirate-worthy steps are a long way from the finish line…

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