Baby Steps

Today was a big day.  I took a shower without any help, drove my car to a meeting at work and took my first steps.  Yes, you read that right, I took some steps unassisted by my crutches.  I almost cried, not from pain, but from relief that someday soon, all will back to normal (ish).  My gait isn’t pretty; my calf is incredibly tight, so I look a bit like a pirate just off the ship.  I’ll take the progress, though.

I am still taking it painfully easy.  Because my right leg is so sore from supporting my whole body, my major focus right now is stretching and foam rolling that leg, while working on flexibility in my left leg so that my gait becomes less pirate, more toddler.

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Shawn


    Your original schedule had swimming at 2w, do you think you're close to that?

    I always find swimming therapeutic for my legs, I wonder if it'll help work some of the soreness out.


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