Blue Jean(s) Baby

Despite progress slower than I would like,  I managed to get dressed in real clothes today, a test run for my big day tomorrow.  Not only do I return to work part time, but I have a follow-up with Dr. Slauterbeck and will see my scars for the first time. I have been almost completely immobile since last Wednesday, so I hope that they look as good as Dr. Slauterbeck would like.  This will also be a good picture opportunity, so I am excited to share those.

I also have my first PT appointment tomorrow and am lucky to be working with my friend Lee, who knew me prior to surgery and is also an avid triathlete. I hope we do some work with my crutches; right now, I am guarding my left leg, and my hip is paying the price.  I have been working on placing my foot on the floor when I stand to brush my teeth or wash my hands, but my leg is unnaturally straight.  Hopefully I will get some flexibility back in my calf as I start to work in PT.

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