It’sssss Alive! (Warning, a little gross)

Had my follow up appointment today and got to see my scars for the first time.  The lateral scar?  Not so bad.  The medial scar?  Gross.  Warped from the dressing, swollen from the incision and yellow from the betadine scrub = one ugly calf.  Dr. Slauterbeck was pleased with my progress and I’ll see him on May27th for the go-ahead to run.

I also had my first PT appointment today.  I was looking forward to it both because I wanted Lee’s reassurance that everything is going to be fine, but also because I knew Lee would have “homework” for me.  Our first order of business is getting the fluid out of my ankle joint, which is pretty swollen right now, so I have exercises for that. I also learned how to go up and down stairs, a critical skill in the coming weeks.  I also worked on placing some weight on my left leg; far from standing, but it felt like progress.

I’m still surprised with how exhausted I am.  After the two appointments, I was in tears from exhaustion in the car.  I’m supposed to return to work tomorrow as well, with two appointments back to back in the morning.  Not only am I not sure I can stand to do my job, I have no idea how to carry equipment back to my office.  In hindsight, I wish I had taken two weeks off.

Now for some pictures.  Too bad Halloween is so far away…

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