5 Weeks Post-Op

It’s hard to believe that I am already 5 weeks post-op. 5 weeks ago, I thought I’d be close to running again.  While I’m closer than I was 3 weeks ago, it seems unlikely that I’ll head out the door to jog next week.

That said, I am definitely starting to make progress.  PT is going well and my scars are starting to fade down.  I’m currently trying to decide whether to dress them up with a tattoo (after I get off Coumadin, of course).  Suggestions have included a full calf sleeve with a Halloween theme (thanks Pete), bows or a zipper up the back.  As you’ll see below, getting the remainder of the glue off was a significant improvement.

I’m starting to run in the deep well a couple of days a week.  I did 15 minutes yesterday and felt good.  Water moving over the incisions was a little uncomfortable, but I managed.  Today, however, I am very tight in my hips, so will need to start to work on flexibility again. On days when I’m not in the pool, I’m up to 30 minutes on the bike.  I am also starting to do upper body weight training again.

Despite getting back into the swing of things, I am still extremely tired by the end of the work day.  By the time I make dinner, I’m ready to crawl into bed.  Even this morning, I skipped my morning bike ride for more sleep.  It’s very similar, actually, to the way I often feel during peak mileage weeks, where I could sleep 12 hours a day and not be rested.  Luckily, the “Sarah crush” phenomenon that I also have during peak weeks is absent.

Below are my scars at 5 weeks:  Lateral on theTop, Medial on the Bottom

3 thoughts on “5 Weeks Post-Op

  1. Jennnnn

    That's a huge positive difference in the way your scars look from last week to this week! I love the zippers idea, being a tattoo gal myself.
    Ten days to go before my surgery. I want it over with already! I'm a little worried as I am starting to have more pressure in my right leg as well now but I still think it's best not to do both at the same time.

  2. Sarah

    I was just thinking about you the other day, Jenn. I will be sending SUPER vibes your way. I agree with you that one at a time is way better. I cannot imagine having both legs out at the same time.

    As for the tattoos, I'm thinking about doing a Lilly Pullizer style bow at the top of each scar. I love the zipper idea, but spend a lot of professional time in skirts and dresses and try (most of the time) to not alienate people unnecessarily (despite how stupid I think they are for their judginess!)

  3. Jennnnn

    Love the bows idea! I always wanted a set of bows. I have matching sets of cherries on the back of each of my legs above my Achilles. I dig symmetry.
    7 days to go for me, not that I am counting… much. Surgeon told me when I wake up from surgery I will have my airboot on and that I am to wear that even to sleep for a while, wondering how I ice it with a huge plastic boot on?! Did you have to do betadine washes over the leg and toes prior to surgery? I'm supposed to start that today and every day until surgery.


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