The Big Dig (4+2 weeks post op)

When I was younger, I recall a sign while driving through Boston that said “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” which referred to the Big Dig.  As anyone familiar with the city knows, the Big Dig meant one-ways switching directions overnight, abundant detours and progress that seemed to move backward.  For me, however, this phrase has become a new mantra, replacing “impossible is nothing” among others.  As I make progress, there are moments when I am incredibly frustrated by how long things take me, how weak I’ve become.  When I stop and think, however, I typically end up feeling pretty encouraged by where I am.  PT helps considerably; having someone help me sort through good versus bad pain and push me a little farther than I would go on my own gives me at least two days a week where I feel like I will be back on the roads in no time (relatively speaking).

I had an excellent PT session today.  In addition to the work we started on Tuesday, we added in some squats, deadlifts and planks.  This morning, I did a 10 minute walk and a short yoga routine. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, I will do 20 to 30 minutes on the bike.  On Tuesday, after my regular PT appointment, I will get in the pool to take my first running strides since surgery.  I know I am weeks (months?) away from running again, but for now, my increasing activity levels are helping to control my emotions and keep me from making stupid decisions that would further slow my recovery.

With a compression stocking, elevation and massage, my scars are starting to look much better.  I am still getting used to the shock of seeing them in the mirror, but they are far less grotesque than they were.  (Medial on the left, Lateral on the right)

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