Progress and Plateaus

I came into this week with great expectations.  I was finally running again and was up to 5 minutes of running with only a minute of rest in between.  I even ran outside on Wednesday, and was surprised to find how wimpy my feet had become.  I could feel every root and rock through my shoes and hills were a whole other challenge.  As with my other runs, my calf screamed towards the end of the first interval, but was quieted with stretching. 

On Thursday morning, however, something was off.  I was back to walking on the outside portion of my foot like I did when I first started walking. My ankle hurt and I just felt awkward in general.  Jason watched me walk on the treadmill and although I was tentative, he didn’t see anything grossly wrong.  By Friday, my ankle bone and surrounding area was tender to the touch.  We all decided that although it was very conservative, I wouldn’t run Friday or at all this weekend.  Most likely the tenderness came from stabilizing myself while running outside, but cautious has been our approach all along.

My ankle feels fine today, so I’m heading out for a nice long ride and am hopeful that I’ll be back to running some tomorrow.

Weekly Miles: 4.7

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