Just when you think you’re in the clear…

Headed out for an easy 5 miler today and at about 3.5 miles in, the old familiar pattern set in.  My leg tingled, felt like there was a blood pressure cuff on it and soon enough, my entire foot was numb.  I stopped and walked for a while and started to jog again when it subsided.  By the end of the 5, however, the numbness was back just like pre-surgery.

I won’t write much more today because I’m far too emotional to share it with the world, but I am extremely upset and frustrated at this turn of events.  I spent twice the amount of time in rehab and took it so painfully slow in returning to running to ensure that this day wouldn’t come.  Not sure what to do now that I’m right back where I was in March.

3 thoughts on “Just when you think you’re in the clear…

  1. Jennnnn

    Sarah, I'm so distressed for you, sincerely. Being in the recovery process myself it makes me sad for you and nervous for me as one never really knows the outcome of this surgery until we're back doing what got us here in the first place.

    I'm curious to know what your next move will be, if you'll have testing done? I recall you saying another surgery probably wasn't an option for you… Myofascial release therapy?

    Best wishes. I can say “keep your chin up” but mine would be dragging so I won't say it.

  2. Sarah

    Just trying to stay positive today! I will do whatever my “team” thinks is the best choice for me. I work professionally with 2 PTs, run with another one and am close friends with a fourth. I trust my surgeon. Going through surgery again feels like a nightmare, but not as much of a nightmare as never running again.


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