My Mastercard Commercial

EMG/NCS Round 1 : $1200
Left Leg Fasciotomy: $3000 before insurance
10 hrs of PT x 12 weeks: $720 in co-pays
Repeat EMG/NCS:  TBD

Having surgery and doing full rehab to be worse off than prior to surgery?  Priceless.

Last Week’s Goals:  All met except weight lifting (surprise, surprise)
This Week’s Goals:  22 miles, 1 session of yoga and 1 session of weights plus assorted cardio.

3 thoughts on “My Mastercard Commercial

  1. Jennnnn

    I'm waiting for the bill before I lose my sh&%t over what I owe.

    Any news regarding a plan of action?

    I'm in PT now, BTW. Not aggressively like you were but I am happy to have the guidance. I don't listen very well and I pushed it more than I should have this week (week 2 of “jogging” intervals) so I am sore and regretful and will take my beating tomorrow morning when I explain to my PT why I am so sore and will be taking a few days off running 😐


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