Ahhh, Finally

It’s been a decent week for me running-wise.  I put in 22 miles and was only mildly symptomatic.  On today’s 7 miler, my “long run” of the week, I had no symptoms at all.  I took it very very easy, making sure to slow down as I found myself pushing too fast.  More and more, I am understanding the idea of the true easy run. My other great run (yes, great run) of the week was on Tuesday, when I got caught in a torrential downpour. Instead of being annoyed, I was running with a big, dumb smile plastered across my face, intentionally splashing through the puddles on the trail.  As my inner cross country girl woke up, I actually felt like a real runner for a few minutes.

I also touched base with Dr. Slauterbeck this week.  He, Dr. Zweber (Nerve Specialist) and another foot/ankle surgeon are going to team up to better identify what we’re dealing with and how we might fix it. One option, of course, is to ignore it.  Dr. Slauterbeck’s concern, which I share, is that the numbness will eventually begin to happen at rest. Even now, going down stairs or descending on a hike is difficult.  Getting in and out of my bike clips is near impossible.  I have some feeling in my foot, but I am not confident that I know where my foot is in space, which makes my movements tentative at best.  Because running is so practiced for me, I’m okay while doing that, but as a relatively new cyclist, being stuck in my clips is a downright disaster.

Moving up to 25 miles this coming week.  Boston registration opens September 1st…current dilemna is to register or not to register…

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