Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

I’ve been remiss in posting recently, partially because work has gotten busy and partially because there’s not a lot to report.  My running is on and off.  Some weeks are great, and I crank through runs with no problem.  As soon as I start to think things are good, though, I have a run with numbness and pain. 

The past two weeks have been quiet running-wise.  I was building miles through July, but weather and life have gotten in the way and I’ve only been running a couple of times over the past 10 days.  I planned to head out for 8 today, but the pouring rain is dissuading me yet again.  During a normal training cycle, I would berate myself for deviating from my schedule.  Since surgery, I’m finding myself more laid back.  As my runs get faster (I hit 8:20 miles twice this week), I can feel the surge of competitiveness returning, but for now, I’m pretty happy to be out there plodding.

Next on the horizon is a half marathon for fun in October.  Of my three besties from graduate school, Lindsey never really bought into KC, Emmy and my insanity about running.  However, osmosis occurred and we’re all running the Divas Half Marathon on Long Island in October. It’s the silliest half we could find: shirtless men handing out medals, tiaras and boas as uniform and champagne for hydration. I am nowhere near in shape to be racing, so an event that is intended to be 100% fun will be great.  I haven’t been doing a lot of running, so 13 miles will be a push, but I’m sure we’ll survive. KC and I plan to carry a camera and document in a way we haven’t previously been able. I’ll post the winning shots up here.

The specialist shuffle begins again next week with an ankle/foot specialist, so look for more frequent posts as that begins again.

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