Gearing Up

It’s been a bizarre weather week.  Unseasonable temperatures and serious winds have made for interesting training scenarios.  Every time we face inclement weather and I yearn to stay in bed or run indoors, I remind myself that anything could happen weather-wise (or otherwise) in Boston, and I’d better be ready. Yesterday, I fought wind on a basic six miler.  Today, I had track work in some serious humidity.  I was overdressed heading out the door and was a sweaty mess by the time I reached the track.

Thankfully, the workout looming ahead distracted me from the hair plastered to my face. I haven’t officially done speed since February and to describe myself as anxious would be a gross understatement.  I dutifully did my warm-up, followed by some stride drills, then set into an “easy” workout of 400s. In February, Lee and I did 20 400s on the indoor track.  I wouldn’t say the workout was easy, but we survived and felt pretty tough. Today, I was aiming for 4 at a 1:40 pace, about the equivalent of my half marathon pace pre-surgery (PS). After this workout, I refuse to believe that I ever maintained that pace for 13 miles.

Being honest, the workout went fine.  I huffed and puffed and survived.  My legs felt fine, I didn’t have a lot of stabbing pain around the incision and I went on to do a few more laps of less structured speed play. As much of a doubting Thomas as I can be, there was a teeny tiny part of myself that thought I might have an effortless workout and be able to say, “Aha, I really didn’t lose that much conditioning!” But I did.  So now starts the hard work of rebuilding.

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