Shhhh a secret HM for $5

Anyone who reads probably saw this headline today, but I’m passing it on.  In a time where we are spending upwards of a $100 for entry fees, a $5 half or full marathon is a total steal. The full marathon is December 11th and the half is December 18th.  The course is rolling, with some loops needed to get to 26.2 miles.  It’s in Roxbury, CT, about an hour from Hartford and they are offering a deal on a local hotel to boot.  The hotel and race combined is still less than an entry to a Rock and Roll Race or Boston.

Despite the urge to run a full, I’m going to resist and hold myself to the half on the 18th.  It gives me a chance to see where my legs are at before the snow flies and get a good starting measure as I ramp up for Boston. I’ll delve into goals as we get closer.  Right now, all I would like is a solid effort with minimal pain, maybe somewhere around 1:35.

Anyone else in for the Roxbury Full or Half?

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