Stretch and Strengthen

Somehow, these two exercises escaped me, so I’m sharing them here.  As other post-CECS runners can attest, compartment release doesn’t necessarily erase pain and soreness. The compartments may be decompressed, but we now combat significant scars deep in the anatomy of the calf. Calf pain is perpetual enough for me that I rarely list it when whining about what hurts on any given day.  I’m going to begin to build these two exercises into my routine; if you do too, let me know how they work.

Heel-Toe Walk: A spinoff on one of the diagnostic tests for CECS, this can also help build strength in the lower leg compartments.
Walk across a flat surface on your heels.  Return to start while walking on your toes.  Repeat 2 more times.

Compartment Stretch:
Start in the standing quad stretch, one leg pulled gently behind, with the foot in your hand. (Use a wall for balance if needed.) Shift your hand such that you are grabbing the toe of your shoe (toes pointing skyward). You should feel the stretch in the anterior and lateral compartments (as opposed to the quad in the traditional version of the stretch.)

And that old disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a physical therapist, so you know, contact one if you don’t regularly stretch or move.

Run On.  (And stay warm, the deep freeze is back).

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