The Holiday Express

Somehow, it’s December 22nd. As I often remark to friends, we are aboard the “Thanksgiving-Christmas-how the f&^% is it Valentine’s Day Express.” It’s enough of a struggle to meet all our commitments during the holidays; how do we even begin to maintain a running schedule? Below are two ways I keep moving during the holidays:

*Commit to 10: You can find ten minutes in your day.  Yes, you can.  On busy days when I’m too tired/busy/sick to run, I get myself out the door for a ten minute run. Usually it will turn into a longer run, but sometimes, it’s just 10 minutes (or 20 if I did an out and back).  Obviously the benefits aren’t immense, but I get my heart rate up, stave off the “ugh, I haven’t run in a week” motivation killer and sometimes end up with a worthwhile run.

*Lunchtime Run: In the winter (at least in the Northcountry), it’s cold enough to reasonably run at lunch. I keep a complete set of running clothes under my desk for days when it’s way below zero at 5 am, or if I’m exhausted. For winter, I leave a pair of cheap trail sneakers (I bought a New Balance pair from a couple of years ago) kicking around.  They have enough tread for snowy days, but can go inside for the treadmill or track.  I aim for a 30 to 45 minute run, leaving me enough time to clean up before the afternoon.  Work Running essentials?

  • Dry Shampoo (women): TRESemme has a decent line, just rub in and shake out hair.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Face Wash
  • Mascara, tinted face cream and blush
  • Hand Towel

Pack a bag on January 2nd to start the first work week of the year off right.  30 minutes is better than nothing.

How do you force yourself out of bed during the winter? What tricks do you have to keep motivation high when the mercury drops?

Run On ~S

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