Eat That, Not This: Bonk Breaker

I can eat almost anything and run. I’ve been known to try absolute no-no foods, just to see if I can. For the record, I can’t do chocolate, but Thai food is fine. It’s not that I couldn’t stomach the Bonk Breaker, it’s just that I never, ever want to again.

Bonk Breaker was a stocking stuffer. I’m low on groceries and grabbed it on my way out the door for the gym. In fairness to the BB company, maybe it was the flavor (Peanut Butter and Jelly), but I have to give it two thumbs down, and that includes strawberry-banana Gu.

Imagine you made a PB and J on stale wheat bread. 6 months ago. And left it in your car to melt together, then freeze, then thaw, then freeze again.  It would still be better than the Bonk Breaker. Harsh, sure, but come on. I am excited for all gluten and dairy free options out there, but there has to be a better offering than this. Until then, you’ll need to pry my Gu (Just Plain, Chocolate Outrage or Orange) out of my cold little hands.


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