Hood to Coast Movie TONIGHT

We so rarely get running movies and even more rarely have the opportunity to see them on the big screen, so if you need a little winter motivation, tonight’s your night.  The Hood to Coast movie is out today only (1/11/11) in selected theaters.  The link is below if you’re not local, but the Burlington area theater is Palace 9 on Shelburne Road.

Unfortunately, the show is at 8 and runs for over 2 hours, making tomorrow morning’s run a bit painful, but I imagine that this movie will be well worth the sleep deprivation. Plus, movie popcorn can almost pass as a carbohydrate, so you can happily learn, motivate and fuel simultaneously.


Run On.

(Speaking of movies, RunVermont is sponsoring My Run movie viewings on Saturday at 4 and 7, more on that later)

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