It was a good week.

Sometimes, things just click. After a December I’d rather forget, I benefited from some of that “resolution” mania floating around and had a great week of running. I moved my runs back to the morning, ran the hard workouts hard and the recovery workouts at recovery pace.  My tempo run today felt effortless and (knock on wood), nothing hurts. Even my calf, which is in consistent pain, isn’t bothering me too much.

Is it a subconscious New Year’s Resolution? My new calf compression sleeves? Luck? I don’t know. I know that it feels good to have a good week of training done, and encourages me to add a second week to that streak. I know that a PR in Boston seems closer to the realm of possibilities.  I know that getting up to do 14 miles tomorrow morning is much easier after a good week than a bad week.

I’m so excited to have a good week in the bank. I hope you had one too. If you didn’t, I hope tomorrow marks the beginning of one.  It’s like that quip we heard as children from parents and teachers: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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