Running movies and clips make me cry. Inconsolably. So does watching the finish of almost any race. This is somewhat surprising, as I am not a crier in any other situation. But show me someone working towards the finish of a race, be it a 4 minute mile or a 4 hour marathon and the waterworks start. With that in mind, I am sharing an article and clip that made me cry like crazy.

I grew up with Taylor. He and his brother Xander are the closest that I have to brothers. Taylor’s parents both run and in fact, are probably part of the reason I went with running in junior high. Clearly Tayz and I found different ends of the running spectrum; he’s an unbelievable 400 runner (those quads!) and I throw up at the thought of a 400, even one 20 to 30 seconds slower than what T runs.

Taylor was part of the DMR team that won Nationals last weekend and my sister forwarded both a clip and an article about the team. I made it through the article with minimal mistiness. I did not do so well with the YouTube clip. So Taylor, I’m infinitely proud, excited to have someone to talk running with and look forward to sharing the roads for the next 60 years, or until we decide to replace running with power-walking.

Enjoy all. Congrats to the Allegheny team.

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