The Final Approach

Ladies and Gentleman, as we prepare for our final approach into Boston’s Logan Airport, please ensure that your tray tables and seat backs are in their upright and locked position. The flight attendants will be coming through the cabin to collect any unwanted items.

The descent into Logan is one of the most harrowing on the East Coast. During the preliminary descent, you drop to an altitude at which you can only see ocean. When you begin the final bank left, it appears as though you are going to land in the Atlantic. It’s only at the last minute that you see the runway and exhale. My approach to Boston has been similar. For the past few weeks, I’ve been convinced that I’m going to land in the ocean, but I think I can see the runway now.

This training cycle has been turbulent, from a serious winter that has yet to relinquish its grasp to a schedule that even I have to admit is a little over-loaded. Much like the days after a harrowing flight, I am vowing not to repeat a training cycle like this.

My last 20 is done. I will do another 16 on Sunday, a couple more moderate distance runs and one or two faster paced workouts. My job now is to rest, recover and prepare for April 18th. I hate taper. I am a miserable person when I’m not running, so to those who see me regularly, please accept my advance apologies. (WM, it’s my two weeks to be snarky.)

Anyone have an air-sickness bag?


2 thoughts on “The Final Approach

  1. Ali

    Can't wait for more cranky sandwiches in chem! Also, your dog is IMPOSSIBLY cute. Must make it hard to be grouchy at home!! (This is Ali from chem, of course. I am actually commenting instead of just telling you I was going to.)


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