Getting Warmer

On Monday, the high was expected to be 52. This is the forecast this morning:

50 I can handle. 60 is getting pretty warm, especially if it’s sunny. At least the showers will be out of the way. Hopefully all the rain today won’t flood the falls in Newton.

Weather is one of the things over which we have zero control in a marathon. We can only react and hope that our reaction makes us as comfortable as possible. I am starting the packing process and have no less than 2 duffels of running related gear (and one small duffel for other clothes). I have everything for a race at 20 degrees with wind to a race at 70 in the rain, plus every combination in between. I still have to get to the Dollar Store to pick up some throwaways, should I need them after I drop my bag.

So despite us having no control over the weather, everyone please cross your fingers that the temperature doesn’t get much warmer…

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