It’s Alllllllllllive

I’m mad. Taper mad, that is. Everything hurts, from my left calf to my right ankle and right hip. Did I mention the toe that feels like it’s broken or the black toenail. My quads feel tight, my shoulder is sore and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained ten pounds in the last week and my shorts won’t fit. I’m glaring at people out running, obsessing over the course and my mantra, memorizing paces that I’ll write on my arm and trying to avoid germs, despite working in a hospital.

You can’t make a training cycle during taper, but you can certainly wreck one. It’s difficult to resist the urge to do one more long run, one more hard workout. It’s hard to remember to stay hydrated, eat well and sleep well when the cornerstone of your routine is missing. The angel on my right shoulder soothes: “Trust the taper, let your body heal and prepare,” while the devil on my left snarks: “Do one more medium run, go try race pace, stop eating.” And there are still 6 days to go.

Hold on to your hats.


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