Thank You

The marathon is an unforgiving mistress. It takes everything you’ll give, and like most mistresses, it takes something from those around you too. I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the group of people who got me to the starting line this morning. (And yes, I wrote this last week, I’m not that motivated or clear-headed on marathon day. That said, if I left you out, sorry. I really tried…)

Thank you to…
-The GMAA Sunday running group, for getting me out of bed all winter long
-Jason, Matt and the rest of the Dee PT team for putting me back together again, repeatedly
-My co-workers, for not teasing me for eating all the time, for forgiving Monday morning exhaustion and for trying to understand why someone would run 26 miles in a row
-My Phour, I won’t even try to quantify
-Dr. Jimmy Slauterbeck, Dr. Ryan Duffy and the OSC at Fletcher Allen for pretty scars and a lot less pressure
-The Dailies crew, for keeping me honest, motivated and in awe 365 days a year
-Meredith and Lindsay, because there’s a distinct chance that at some point today, my only motivation will be the after-party.

It’s been said that the halfway point in a marathon is at mile 20. Miles 20 through 26 supercede training and preparation and most of the time, require pure guts. In my first marathon, I dedicated miles 20 through 26 to people in my life, wrote their names on my pace band and thought of them through some incredibly challenging miles. It worked, and I’m doing it again for Boston for people without whom this would not be happening.

Mile 20: Will Moss. For reminding me who I am and for getting me into this in the first place.
Mile 21: Mom, Dad, Suzanne and Stacey. When the going gets tough, I always have you and there is no amount of thanks I can give for that.
Mile 22: Will Manning. For being the place to vent with someone understands the stakes.You’ll be back soon.
Mile 23: Matty. For biking with me in the pitch black, for never questioning why Sunday had to be dedicated to 3 hours of running, followed by ice baths and naps, for your continued effort at understanding why someone would choose to run.
Mile 24: Grampa Coop and Nana. I’ve been dressing up for Marathon Monday since I was a little girl. I wish you were here to see me finally run Boston, but something tells me you’ll both be around. I’ll do you proud.
Mile 25: Erin. Good running partners are hard to find. Great running partners are even harder to find. I hope you have a great race today. We deserve this.
.2: For me, because a year ago, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run here.

See you in 3 and change…


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