Showcase Showdown

I usually leave my relationship musings on my Tumblr account, but since this one ties into running, it’s landing here.

A friend and I were discussing relationships the other day and the inevitable compromises, when he quipped, “It’s sort of like choosing the Showcase Showdown at the end of the Price is Right.”  While I balked at first to any comparison drawn between Bob Barker and a relationship, I think he might be right. For those unfamiliar, the contestant must consider the showcase offered, and either bid or pass. If you bid, you are stuck with that showcase, no matter how fabulous the second one turns out to be. If you pass, you’re stuck with the second showcase (assuming the other person doesn’t do a better job of bidding…)

What’s the benefit of choosing a showcase err significant other who runs? For non-runners, running often seems like a punishment and answering the first date question of “What do you like to do for fun?” with “running” or  “marathons” can be deadly. Assuming you make it past the first date, your new flame is likely to discover that you spend a lot of time running, that your toenails are really messed up and that you will never, ever sleep in on Sunday. Add to that the fact that you talk about running incessantly, are miserable during taper and have a food budget that almost matches that of your rent and you may not be the catch you think you are.

Dating a runner can be equally treacherous. Beat a guy one time in a race and the dynamic can be forever upset when you discover that he doesn’t like being chicked, even by his girlfriend. What was once your individual quiet time becomes couple time and can be crowded with resentment of the intrusion. A boyfriend once ditched me on a run because we had such a big fight about him one-stepping me. And then there was the time I forgot to register us for Boston…

What do you think? Does it matter if your significant other runs? Is it reason enough to choose or pass on a showcase? Funny running-related relationship stories?

And remember, help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed and neutered.

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2 thoughts on “Showcase Showdown

  1. bob

    I'm concerned about the addition of spay or neuter verbiage to a post about relationships. Hopefully, not a Freudian slip.


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