What to do on a Tornado Thursday

Vermont is currently under a tornado watch (which, upon Googling watch versus warning for the 30th time, is the better of the two). Once you’ve secured an interior space with no windows, what’s a tapering, anxious runner to do with a couple days to go?

  • Watch Spirit of the Marathon (on iTunes, Netflix and Hulu) with your legs up, sipping on some water.
  • Start laying out your clothes. Have you worn the shirt on a long run? What socks will you wear?
  • Think about Sunday morning. When will you leave your house/hotel? Where will you park? Where are the porto-potties and when is my “final pee?”
  • Write a thank you note or two to the people who got you here. No wo/man is an island, especially when training for a marathon.
  • Review the course map. VCM will be clearly marked, but it never hurts to know where you’re going.
  • Read The Run Down, your guide to all things VCM, from how to drink on the move to parking to your eBag of coupons.

What not to do?

  • Run longer/harder than you are scheduled to. Yes, I know you feel out of shape or like you need just one more good run. Just don’t.
  • Eat anything new.
  • Give friends/family visiting a walking tour of Burlington.
  • Check weather.com 25 times in a day. Nothing we can do about it but prepare.

Eat and sleep well tonight and tomorrow night. See you at the Expo, Friday 4 to 8 and Saturday 9 to 7.

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