Saucony Fastwich 5 Review

Saucony does it again. While other shoe makers are messing around with laces (Asics), ignoring the trend towards minimalism (Brooks) and generally ignoring the distance runner (New Balance), Saucony is evolving and as they say, being loyal to the sport. 
I don’t ask a lot of a running shoe. I’m light, I’m neutral and I don’t need or want bells and whistles. When I went looking for a new pair this time around, I wanted to try something with just a little more support than the Kinvara. I still Kinvara’s a couple days a week, but the fit isn’t perfect at the toe box. Joe at SkiRack suggested I try the Fastwitch, which still has a minimal drop, but a little more support in the post. As usual, Joe was right. I’m now infatuated with the Fastwitch and going back to get a second pair for my rotation. 
What’s to like? First, the Fastwitch is nimble at 7.1 ounces, making it light enough for up tempo work, but has enough support thanks to some reinforcement in the post to help out when you’re tired, making it perfect for longer runs. The fabric is almost as breathable as the Kinvara, a necessity in the summer when feet sweat like crazy. For me, the toebox is roomy enough to be comfortable without slamming my feet around (which was happening a lot in the Kinvara, ergo my missing big toenail). Saucony even plays into the text message generation with cute messages on the heel. 
 Downsides? Eh, the colors. While Saucony has been playing around with fit and streamlining (the entire fall line will not have a drop from heel to toe of greater than 12mm), they’ve sort of slacked off in the colors department. The women’s version comes in a scary bright white (which I’ve already dirtied down to a more reasonable shade) and a bright turquoise. Finally, they run small. I normally take a 7 in running shoes and ended up in an 8 in the Fastwitch. It’s a little big on my right foot as a result, but my left foot is happy and we want my left foot happy at all costs. 

2 thoughts on “Saucony Fastwich 5 Review

  1. Courtney

    I'm not sure what is going on with many shoe companies but they think women like white shoes for some reason. Which is far from what I like.. I still treasure my first pair of Saucony which are all black with a little silver. These look great – aside from the color combination.

  2. Sarah

    I agree. If I wanted a tennis shoe, I'd buy one! There's nothing quite like running in bright, white new shoes and wanting to scream “I swear, I'm a seasoned runner, my shoes are just new!”


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