It’s not a secret that I live and train in a beautiful place. On Sunday, I set out for my long run in 75 degree weather and got to run through the Intervale, Ethan Allen Homestead and along the shores of Lake Champlain. Today, I did a tempo run out in Jericho, where I’m convinced I had the best view of the foliage of any leaf peeper.

Fall has arrived here, seemingly overnight. It’s an amazing, yet tricky time of year for runners. In the morning, it’s sometimes too cold to head out without gloves or half-tights. By noon, however, it’s hot enough to warrant a tank top. I literally have everything from a winter hat to sweat bands in my gym bag right now.

On my run on Sunday and again today, I marveled at how lucky I am to train here. I don’t have to seek out hill work; any regular run includes inclines and declines aplenty. I don’t have to work to find car-free, smog-free places to breathe freely. The stewards of the earth that protect my home fought for bike paths, foot paths and wide shoulders. Sure, our winters are long and harsh and summers can be stifling in their humidity, but every time I glance to my right at Lake Champlain and a sunset or to my left at the sun rises over Camel’s Hump, I am awash in gratitude to this amazing little state.

What takes your breath away on your daily run? What views do you covet?

2 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Rick Blount

    Well put. For stunning running: Gillette Pond Road between Huntington and Jonesville. From Huntington, you climb up into a glorious bowl. Stops me in my tracks every time.

  2. runnerunderpressure

    I’ll have to check this run out, Rick. I’m planning on doing much of my long mileage out that way because the roads are better maintained in the winter and really, how many times can one do North Avenue?


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