Runnin’ in the Rain

It’s raining men, Hallelujah…wait, wrong blog.

It’s that time of year where it’s cold, gray and rainy. Unlike spring rain, October rain can be bone chilling. However, by covering some essentials, you can survive the puddles happily. Here are the bare essentials for running in the rain:

1. Rain Coat: Whether it has a hood or not, you need something to keep the soak out. I have a rain shell that I wear in the summer, but in the fall, I reach for my Marmot heavy duty coat, with a hood and pit zips to help prevent the sauna effect.

2. Ball Cap: No hood stays on when you run, and the noise canceling effect is unsafe at best. A ball cap keeps rain off your face, while leaving your ears clear to hear traffic.

3. Body Glide: The rule is, you can never wear enough of this stuff on rainy days. Wet feet are blister prone and chafing is exacerbated by moisture, so rainy days can spell disaster if you aren’t prepared.

4. Newspaper: Running shoes shouldn’t go in the dryer; the foam is often held on with glues that are temperature sensitive. Instead, crumple and stuff newspaper into wet shoes to dry, changing as the newspaper soaks through.

If it’s a cold, rainy day, tights are the best choice. Long, loose pants will just get soaked and heavy in a rainstorm and shorts don’t provide enough warmth for legs working hard in cool, damp conditions. When you return home, get out of wet clothing and get rewarmed. Rainy days are unavoidable as we head towards winter, but with some preparation, you can be comfortable throughout your run.

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