Anyone for Streaking?

When I saw this idea last week, I thought it was an excellent one. It’s so basic: commit to run at least a mile a day from now until New Years Day. I meant to get this post out before the start date but…what can you do? We can all run til January 2nd instead.

What I love about the Holiday Running Streak is that it challenges us to prioritize our running enough to get at least ten minutes in a day. Set the alarm ten minutes earlier. Pack a lunch so you have time during your lunch hour. Bring running clothes to work and run around the parking lot before you head home. Run with the dog instead of walking.

I also love that it will get me out the door. Oftentimes, I have trouble getting myself going for a run, but once I’m out there, I’m good. By making the promise that I will do at least a mile every day from now til the New Year, I’m looking at another 6 weeks or so of solid base building. It also sets me up well for First Run, my favorite way to kick off the year.

I’m going streaking. So who’s with me?

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