Thirsty Thursdays

In college, Thursday night was the first night of our weekend and we would head to Cagney’s for $3 Long Island Ice Teas. Needless to say, not a lot of running happened on Friday mornings.

Thankfully, college is over, and Thursday nights are now reserved for fun runs at SkiRack. The Thursday night runs are back! Every Thursday night, a group run will depart from SkiRack at 6 pm for a 5 mile or hour run (whichever comes first) at a relaxed pace. It’s a great way to meet other runners, stay motivated in the dark of winter and kick off Friday. I’ll be leading some of the runs, as will other local runners like Joe (SkiRack’s shoe expert), Will (SkiRack’s marketing dude), or Sam (Marathon 201’s coach).

All are welcome. Please wear reflective gear and dress for the elements.


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