Wordless Wednesday: A Southern Adventure

This past week, I took a road trip to reboot and visit with some of my best friends. We started with the Virginia Tech game in Lane on Thursday night, headed to Chapel Hill on Friday and surprised my besties in Washington, DC for the weekend. The best part about being a runner is that I only need my running shoes and I’m set to explore almost anywhere. So this weekend, I ran through Blacksburg, around my alma mater and on the rail trail system in DC. Where’s your favorite place to visit and run?

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Southern Adventure

  1. Leandre

    I love running on Cape Cod when I am there visiting family. The only downside to the beauty is the lack of sidewalks (and the increasingly busy streets), but early mornings and late afternoons are majestic on the water.

  2. runnerunderpressure

    There’s just something about running on water that makes you feel like you could go for days, isn’t there? One of my favorite places to run is around Town Lake in Austin, Texas. The paths get crowded, but it’s so convenient to be able to do anywhere from a 3 to a 13 mile run without cars on a gravel path while people row and paddle by you.


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