Motivational Poster/Picture Campaign

Yesterday’s post got me thinking. The motivational poster on my wall has a beautiful female runner gliding through a pine forest, not a bead of sweat on her. The poster reads: “Determination is often the first chapter in the book of excellence.” Whatever.

Elizabeth reminded me of the day we were out running a 20 something miler in horrible heat and both decided we wanted, no needed an Ice Tea slushie from Dunkin Donuts. I don’t know exactly what we looked like, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t pretty.

So what would your motivational poster look like and say? I’m going to develop one around the following picture:

Pine forest, yes. Gliding effortlessly with no sweat? Nope.

Hm, maybe this one is better:

What is this hill face?

Send me your best candidate for a real motivational poster. I’ll put them up here for all of our entertainment.


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