Doing a Snow Dance

Dear Weather Gods:

I know things are a little wacky this year, but if you have any time today, could you please halt the quarter inch of rain scheduled to fall tonight. See, in addition to trying to train through the winter outdoors, I’m also a nordic ski coach and it’s getting a little too Lord of the Flies up here. These kids have poles. And energy. And I’m not far from becoming the sacrificial pig head.

If my head on a pole doesn’t convince you, let me plead with you about the footing. This freezing cold to rain to freezing cold pattern of late has left us with glazed sidewalks. The inch of snow that just froze in adds texture, but no grip. Snow in general is no big deal and we’ll take it by the foot if you have it. I’ll even accept the continuation of the wind that blew me into North Avenue last Wednesday. Just please, no more rain.

With Gratitude.


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