Know When to Fold Em

Being a coach does not necessarily mean you coach yourself well, an issue I’ve been struggling with for a few months. I know what workouts I should do and what paces I should hit, but it doesn’t mean that I execute well or that I’m objective when I evaluate my performance. As such, I’m really excited to take a new approach this spring and work with a coach. GMAA* is offering coaching this year with Kasie Enman, a female runner about my age with lots of running success. She’s a great fit for me both because we share a training philosophy and because she’s an easy person to be around. History illustrates that I do not thrive with a coach who favors yelling or punishment. After seeing Kasie’s training plan, I feel confident that with another person shepherding my progress, my goals are in reach.

The other benefit to working with Kasie is that I have a guaranteed Tuesday night workout date with Kasie and other runners working towards the same races. Just like long runs are best when you can share the misery, group workouts encourage accountability and cooperation. For example, tonight has 2 to 4 1.5 mile repeats at 10-mile pace (about 6:35 for me). Alone, that workout would be miserable. With company, however, it’s survivable.

Have you worked with a coach before? What were the benefits?

*Coaching with Kasie is open to any GMAA member who plans to run one or more of the USATF races this year. See for more information.

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