Saucony Kinvara 2 Review

I’m miles into my newest pair and still pretty enthralled with the brand. Major improvements over the original version?

*The shoelaces: As anyone who owned a version of the 1 can attest, something about those shoelaces just didn’t work. They came untied all the time. On the 2’s, they are back to a normal lace and I haven’t had to stop every two miles to retie. They are also a better length; no more loops hanging down below the shoe.

*The durability: My original Kinvaras wore out quickly, especially in the salt and wet of winter. We’ve had no shortage of rain, ice and salt this winter, but this model seems to be holding up better thanks to some more reinforcements in the structure of the shoe. The shoe is still breathable and light, but the plastic that makes the frame seems more durable and the seams of the shoe are in places less prone to blowouts.

Besides the still heinous color choices, I like this model a lot and probably more than it’s predecessor. The ride feels a little firmer (but still has a minimal drop), there’s a better toe box shape so my little toes aren’t getting smashed out to the side and they remain light and nimble.

Definite recommendation for speedwork for all runners and as a trainer for those looking for a shoe with minimalist features but some aesthetic appeal.

3 thoughts on “Saucony Kinvara 2 Review

  1. diaryofadashinista

    Great review! 🙂 I agree with you about the dodgy colour choice … what is it with the minimalist brands?! … although I have to say these look pretty nice.

    I am looking at getting a pair of Kinvaras, currently training in Vibram 5 Fingers (speed work) and Newton Gravity (mid and long distance). How would you rate these Saucony’s as a long distance shoe?

  2. runnerunderpressure

    I’ve worn three pair of Kinvara now as my primary trainer for marathoning. Besides not holding up quite as well as a traditional trainer and some transition time with the first pair, I’ve found them comparable to other trainers for ride and comfort on a long run.


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