Spring 2012 Race Schedule

Despite the fact that we’re just emerging from our first true cold snap of the winter, I’m thinking ahead to my spring race calendar. While not all of these races will end up being full efforts, this is where you’ll find me running pretty darn hard in the coming months.

March 18th: New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford, Mass.

April 14th: Unplugged Half (very likely a simulation run)

May 19th: Bedford Rotary 12K (last hard workout pre-Vermont City!)

May 27th: Vermont City Marathon

Following VCM, I’ll transition to some shorter distances for the hotter summer months. I’m also planning on taking the month of June off from work, school, coaching, running etc, as my AMCAS application will be submitted and I’ll have the first real break I’ve had in almost two years. I don’t know where I’ll go, but I know there won’t be any scheduled running beyond extending my fitness to a few required races.

5 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Race Schedule

  1. Neal Green


    I enjoy your posts very much. I myself am returning from compartment release surgery, but not having much success. I was wondering if you had time to give a brief history of your experience and any advice to someone who would like to return to running. Thanks,


  2. herrsolera

    I saw the Vermont City Half Marathon on Bob Anderson’s list of Top 100 Races. I’m thinking of hitting up Woodstock, VT, in early June for the Covered Bridges half though. Thoughts?

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Vermont City is a fabulous marathon with great crowd support, but unfortunately, I haven’t run Covered Bridges to compare. Woodstock is beautiful country and I think it’s likely to be a hillier, but more bucolic scene and definitely a smaller crowd. All depends what you’re looking for!

      1. herrsolera

        Well, it turns out the Covered Bridges race sold out in under an hour back in December, so that’s out! I guess I have to be on my toes this year when they open up registration for 2013.

  3. runnerunderpressure

    Hi Neal: Sorry to hear that your recovery isn’t going as well as you’d hoped. If you’ve read far enough back, you’ll see that it took me significantly longer to get back on my feet, let alone running again. The most instrumental thing for me was to work with a PT who did lots of soft tissue work (which helped keep the incisions from adhering) and dedication to stretching and rolling my calf every night. I also had much more success when I switched to a shoe closer to the minimal category. Still, I have days where my foot is tingly and my calf throbs. It’s nothing like it was before, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice it.

    If you have more specific questions or want to give more background as to where you are in the process, I’m happy to answer more or pull up old posts about that time in my recovery.



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