Week in Review

Winter seemingly arrived this week and inserted itself into my runs as bad footing and driving snow. Decent week all around with lots of extra activity time in the form of skiing.

Sunday: Ice Capades Long Run. We intended to run 15, but when the first 12 took us 2 hours and we had yet to fall, we called it.

Monday: Backcountry ski up Mansfield. Easy run that evening.

(Q) Tuesday: Tempo run, well-executed and I only whined for a little while. Lots of residual ice around. 6:23 pace.

Wednesday: Recovery run, struggled to move slowly enough and angered my heart rate monitor for the whole run.

Thursday: Snowy, blowy run on four inches of snow.

(Q) Friday: Rollercoaster run up at my parents. 4 miles out and 4 miles back of serious climbs on ice/snow covered roads.

Saturday: Nordic race day with lots of skiing, plus an easy run when I get back to Burlington.


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