You Found My Blog How?!

I’ll admit, I’m still surprised by the search terms that lead people to this blog. Most of the time it’s for product reviews. Recently, people have been searching for lots of motivation. Sometimes, though, search terms are just plain bizarre.

Right after surgery, I posted a picture of my first shower. This process entailed a garbage bag over the incision secured with duct tape. It’s a pretty PG picture. However, numerous people have stumbled on my blog by typing duct taped girl in shower. Incidentally, most of this traffic is coming from Russia.

Last week, someone found me by searching for weird crotch smell in lululemon crops. As I told my running partner that night, I’d certainly reviewed the crops, but the only thing I’d said about the crotch of them was that I didn’t have to pull up on it because they fit well. So, uh, I can’t help you there person from Indiana.

Today takes the cake, however. The print on one of my pairs of Lululemon Speed Shorts is called “snowy owl” for its gray, ombre finish that resembles that of its namesake. To the person who searched washing an owl, please, PLEASE fill me in. I’m dying to know why (and how) one would need to wash an owl.

I know this isn’t running related, but “washing an owl” was too funny to leave alone.

Happy 6 by mile repeats day.

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