A Virtual Run in Memory of a Fellow Runner

Rather than paraphrase the situation, I’ll simply share the link below. On 2/11/12, people across the country will be donning bibs for Sherry Arnold who was abducted and murdered in January on her regular Saturday morning run.

Sharing this is not to perpetuate fear, but to take a moment (or a mile) to run, reflect and remember someone who was probably a lot like the rest of us, running for a few minutes of peace a day.


4 thoughts on “A Virtual Run in Memory of a Fellow Runner

  1. runnerunderpressure

    We can do it together (say, pick a meeting place on Saturday morning) or all just wear a bib (there’s one to print in the link) on our own runs. I was thinking about trying to get people together for at least a short run together. Thoughts?

  2. Rick J Blount (@rjbvermont)


    Thanks: I’m in. I think just saying we’re doing this and getting word out through GMAA, twitter (as you’ve already done), RunVermont, etc would be great. Somewhere in Burlington at 8 0r 9 2.11? People can run whatever distance they want — kind of like the GMAA gatherings.


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