Like A Bad Habit

I’ve told the story before, but an ex and I once had an enormous fight mid-run over him one stepping me. We were so mad that we didn’t finish the run together and didn’t speak for hours when we got home. Even though we’re no longer dating (not because of the one-step incident), we still heckle each other about who holds the marathon PR. Incidentally, you’re going down in May, Moss.

This “motivational poster” from Runner’s World this week is both Valentine’s themed and spot-on.

Do you run with your significant other? Any horror stories from racing together?

2 thoughts on “Like A Bad Habit

  1. Ryan

    I may be able to give you some good horror stories in 6 or 7 months. My wife is planning to run her first marathon this fall (most likely Hartford) and now her running partners are starting to hedge saying “I’m in, if I’m not pregnant by then”. In the event all of her friends are pregnant I have offered to go with her on the long runs and run the race with her. There is about a 2.5min/mile difference between our paces and some philosophical regarding exercise and fitness in general. So this should create an entirely different set of issues than your experience of two competitive and similarly paced runners.

  2. diaryofadashinista

    Haha, I love that poster!
    I really like running with my boyfriend but we live 150+ miles apart so I don’t get to do it that often, even though he always critiques my gait (“pick your knees up!”) or tries to get me to run up flights of stairs à la Rocky.


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