Correct One Small Element

“When we are having a bad day, we tend to think in melodramatic terms, that we’ve lost it, that everything’s gone wrong, but usually all you have to do is correct one small element of your game and everything else will fall into place.” Mia Hamm

I came across this quote yesterday and it was perfectly timed as I’ll admit to being a tad melodramatic over the last week. Although I’m getting through my workouts, there’s no pop in my legs and I’m starting to worry that my goals are not aligned with my legs. What that fails to acknowledge however, is that I’m coaching skiing and doing a whole other workout on top of my running every day, that I’m studying both for classes and the MCAT and trying to keep up with consulting work. So maybe it’s more than just one small element of my game…

I’m anxious to see if my running improves after the season wraps. If not, I’ll reassess what other elements are at play.

What small element have you tweaked to improve performance? How have you gotten over the “meh” legs syndrome?

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