Happy States Week!

Somehow, despite no winter storms and the fact that it was JUST November, it’s time for the Vermont State Nordic Ski Championships.

States Week in Nordic is 92% more stressful than States Week for Cross Country. First, we’re dealing with two full days and 4 different races. We have Skate Individual and Relay and Classic Individual and Relay with a weekend in between. Skate isn’t too bad; just have to make sure 8 girls and 8 boys plus an alternate for each have skis, poles, boots, bibs and uniforms and make their interval start.

Classic, however, can be a beast. First, we’re traveling the day before, which means that the one athlete who forgets a boot is 3 hours from home. Second, wax science. If you thought kick wax came in tubes and three colors, you were wrong. It comes in tubes, it comes in sprays and it comes in klister, all in a variety of colors and brands. The answer is never a single application of one color. It’s a veritable rainbow with one thing for the whole kick zone, a different color under the toe and every single kid skis just differently enough to need a different combination. I promise you, klister (think super sticky, stringy glue) will be involved and it will be in my hair, on my hat and inexplicably all over everything I touch for at least two weeks. And then we have to do it again for the relay.

From now until Friday, I’ll be checking the weather fifteen times a day and worrying about the stomach flu. We had a great race on Thursday and got an awesome ski in today, so from a preparation perspective, we look great. I’m so excited to see what happens on Friday and next Tuesday. And I hope it looks nothing like this.

And yes, being a coach is the best job ever, I will consider no other opinions.



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