I’m Not Giving Up My High Heels

After running the Vegas Marathon, my friend Emmy and I wore 5 inch heels out in Vegas. We may have been doing the Steve Martin King Tut walk, but we looked goooood. (The picture below is us before the heels. We were hurting.)

On my first trip with the GMAA team last year, I was mocked (lovingly) for my choice of outfit post race. While everyone else was in running clothes or a tee shirt, I was in a white cashmere sweater. I learned my lesson halfway home when a certain seatmate spilled all over me. Even after that, I am always most likely to be overdressed.

This includes wearing high heels, a huge no-no for someone with calf troubles. Although I don’t wear them as often as I did when I was working a desk job, I do wear them for nights out and special occasions. Without fail, the run the day after wearing high heels is a painful one. As such, it is no surprise that this study found that women who regularly wore heels “used shorter, more forceful strides” and “were perpetually in a pointed-toe position.”

That said, I’m not giving up my heels. I have an impressive collection and they aren’t going to Goodwill. I do wear them more sparingly now and am careful to stretch after wearing them. As the study suggests, the biggest risk of injury is transitioning from heels to running shoes, so I’m going to be careful with afternoon runs.

What running “rules” do you break?


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Giving Up My High Heels

  1. Ryan

    That picture looks more like it was taken after returning home from going out in 5″ heels after running a marathon. Impressive you were able rally from the state illustrated in the picture and make it out the door.
    I have a tendency to break most rules regarding pre-running nutrition from saying “I can have 1 more beer” 5 times too many the night before to a frequent complete lack of common sense regarding food and drink immediately before running.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      For some reason, I couldn’t find the picture we took of our heels, so I opted for the post-race, pre-heels picture. Miraculously, we got dressed up after this. I don’t break the beer rule as much anymore, but it still happens time to time.


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