The Week Ahead

Last week was one of the best weeks of training that I’ve strung together in a long time and I’m hoping to continue the trend.

The start of every training week is hard. You look ahead at your schedule and think “I’ll never get through this.” This is especially true for me at the onset of my quality workouts. On Friday, I had to run 8 to 10 90-second hill repeats. After the second, I wanted to stop and tried to convince my brain to let me do so. By the fifth, I felt better and the last few flew by with little struggle besides the return of my breakfast. Note to self, protein rich breakfast + hill repeats = disaster. Despite those painful repeats, it feels good to reflect on a great week and to ponder what it will mean for May.

This week is a 100% mileage week so I’m going to be tired. Thankfully, the intensity of the quality workouts is stepped down to accommodate higher volume. Here are my key workouts this week:

Q1: 5 by 4 minutes at 10K pace.

Q2: 30 minute tempo run.

Midweek Long: 12 over the last half of the VCM course

What does your week look like? How do you encourage yourself in the middle of tough runs?

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