Stocking the Barn

Right before a goal race, we often utter the reassurance that the “hay is in the barn.” If that’s true (and I believe it is), then I’m deep in the fury to get that hay into the barn. With 9 weeks to go until VCM and a 2 week taper, I have 7 weeks left to do some serious work. In fact, it was this pressure that got me through a windy, cold easy run this afternoon. As the gusts knocked me around, I just kept repeating (in my head, I hope) “every mile counts.” With the MCAT breathing down my neck and class in full swing, it’s easy to convince myself that I’m too tired to run or to cut a run short.

To keep myself focused, the next 7 weeks are mostly plotted out. Long runs are scheduled; 3 20s, an 18 and 2 16’s await me before taper. I have 3 weeks at peak mileage, a cutback week, 3 more weeks at peak and then taper. If I can survive that (and keep up with my core, flexibility and weight routines), I should be golden. Easy, right?

2 thoughts on “Stocking the Barn

  1. Ryan

    I am certain I did not understand the degree to which marathon training takes over your life when I signed up for the VCM. I am going to the FL Keys in a week, and not to sound like I am begrudging a free vacation, but all I can think about is how hellish getting in an 18 miler will be when it is already 75 degrees out at 5am. Then there is the trip to Rochester the weekend I have a 20 miler scheduled. At this point I analyze everything I think about doing through the lens of “how will this impact me when I get up to workout/run tomorrow morning”. But for some strange reason I am still enjoying this process.

  2. runnerunderpressure

    Marathon training often feels like another full time job to me and it’s certainly easy to end up frustrated when life seems to interrupt running. I finally had to take a deep breath myself this weekend and realize that while I love running, the point is for it to be a source of relief and enjoyment, not another source of stress. As such, I’m trying to maintain quality of training…while also maintaining quality of life. Good luck on your traveling long runs! I love running in new places, you see a whole different kind of life.


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