Ground 1, Sarah 0

I was visiting friends this weekend and headed out for a run on Sunday, planning to do an easy hour. As soon as I hit the door, it started to pour, which should have been a harbinger of things to come. I plodded along and was feeling pretty good when I came upon a little urban park with trails. I ventured in, found a trail map and was excited to explore trails in a new place. I made it about 400 yards from the map and BAM. I found a rock with my foot and crashed. Hard.

I laid there in the pouring rain, just trying to assess the damage. I was dizzy, my ears were ringing and I’m pretty sure I was saying out loud “owwwwwwwwwww.” Although I didn’t feel like anything was broken, I was so dizzy, I didn’t dare try to walk, so I sat for a while. Finally, I was able to hobble home.

While I don’t remember hitting my head, my mouth had dirt in it and my head was bright red and muddy. I tore clean through my tights and the sleeves of my shirt. My belly button ring was gone and I have a big bruise on my right side. My elbows and knees are grim at best. Stupid runner…

I woke up stiff, sore and bruised yesterday, but not completely immobilized and ran a tentative 3 miles to see how things feel. While my knees are stiff and don’t want to bend, nothing feels broken. I’m going to take it easy this week regardless, focusing on my quality work on Wednesday and 20-miler on Saturday. And try to stay upright.

One thought on “Ground 1, Sarah 0

  1. Ryan

    Sounds like quite the fall. While all the assorted injuries sound bad, the tearing out or knocking out the belly button ring seems the worst to me. I don’t even want to imagine what that would feel like. That just strikes me as awful. Hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.


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