You Might Be a Runner If…

…your shorts make other people uncomfortable and are one butterfly stretch away from indecent exposure

…you purchase more than 1 jar of peanut butter to get through the week

…you and your significant other’s idea of bedroom wear are matching Strassburg Socks

…you firmly believe that cotton kills baby animals

…the Stick and Body Glide in your bedroom have nothing to do with sex

…you talk about beer during your workouts and your workouts while drinking beer

…you have to remind yourself that snot rockets and spitting are not appropriate when you’re not running

…you don’t know what some of your running partners do for work, but you know their 5, 10, half and full PRs

…you’ll change anywhere, anytime. Same goes for bathroom breaks.


What silly things define you as a runner? How do you categorize “real” runners versus hobby joggers?


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