Keeping the Wheels on the Bus

I’m thisclose to injury, which is excellent timing because I’m also thisclose to VCM. Last Thursday, I headed out for a run and found myself in excruciating pain in my left calf and foot that rivaled pre-surgery pain. I tried to run through the weekend, but found that things only got worse so I canceled my scheduled 20 and hoped for the best. On Monday, however, it was clear that I couldn’t run through whatever this is.

So now I’m in rescue mode. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off, I have a massage scheduled for today and I’m wearing compression socks around the clock. I’ll attempt a short run tonight to see how things feel (assuming I’m not bruised from my massage) and then try to get back on track for a decent weekend of running.

The only saving grace of this is that I’m surrounded by training partners who are smarter than me and excellent at tough love. They remind me almost hourly that I have to be healthy on the start line in a couple of weeks, not healthy this weekend. They remind me that this is the end of 24 weeks of training.

Here’s hoping my rescue plan works out…

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