Saturday Smarts

I am a voracious reader of research on a variety of topics from public health to running science. I have file folders full of the newest articles about endurance sports, which I pour over and over as I try to integrate the new with the old to better inform my coaching and my training. As such, I’m going to experiment with sharing an article I’ve read over the past week every Saturday. After all, running is a science and evidence-based is the way to go!

This article was interesting because it espouses on a theory I’ve pondered myself as a competitive runner who opted to take college off from running. Sure, I’m missing much of the race experience of my peers, but I’m also missing the repetitive injuries that plague many of my training partners. I’m also consistently amazed at the performances of many of the master aged men in my running club, many of whom were not runners in their early decades. They are consistently below national age group standards and seem to get faster with time.

When did you start running? Have you always been a runner or were you a “something else” before you switched?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smarts

  1. Jay Furr

    Interesting question. If so, that bodes well for me. I’m a long-distance walker who’s trying to become a runner. Switching from walking 4 mph for 20+ miles to running 7 mph for three miles has been a real struggle so far, so I won’t call myself a ‘runner’ yet, but perhaps one day.


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